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Our Story

From the first idea—to more than 75K 5-star reviews. This is the journey that made Zugu
who we are today.

Follow our journey from the first idea to over 100K 5-star reviews. Along the way, we faced many challenges, came across many roadblocks, and learned a lot.

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  • Jan 2010

    Zugu owner, Tim, sells everything but his car…yes even his bed, to start the business.

  • Feb 2010

    Tim travels to China for 3 months to find a manufacturer and create the perfect iPad case.

  • June 2010

    Our first delivery of cases arrives (which we stored in the back of a friend’s office).

  • Jan 2011

    We attend Macworld – our first tradeshow. Zugu called our case the “Smart Case” before Apple ever did! Apple introduced their Smart Cover in 2013.

  • 2013

    On the brink of bankruptcy, Zugu transitions from selling to resellers to almost 100% online, direct to consumers.

  • May 2016

    We change our name from Zoogue to Zugu Case and launch our flagship magnetic stand case.

  • 2018

    Focusing on one product and making big improvements, Zugu achieves 5-star average ratings on Amazon, and sales explode.

  • Mar 2020

    Zugu reaches 1 million cases sold.

  • Dec 2021

    Zugu commits to donate 10% of profits every year with $260k donated in 2020 and over $300k in 2021.

  • Today

    Zugu is still 100% owned by its founder, with no investors, and we continue to have the same amount of passion we had for our products and customers as we did on day 1.

Our commitment

At Zugu, we build cases for people, but we also build cases for the greater good. That’s why we’ve partnered with Children International, a humanitarian organization focused on helping kids around the world learn the skills needed to break free from poverty.

Over the past two years, our investment efforts totaled more than $500,000. This allowed for the construction of a community center in Colombia as well as more than 200 scholarships that were awarded to students for continued education.

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